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பணம் ஈட்டும் வழிகளைக் காட்டுவதே எமது பணி! We provide money making ways that is our duty.
Here, we will introduce more tips and tricks for learn and earn money through the online. This website is periodically updated by us.

YS-Online Advertising Solutions

Online advertising, also called online marketing or Internet advertising is a form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to consumers.
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Earn money through the online advertising talk is lie that is your opinion. When I say it's true, you can not believe it. So, here is the little guidance that is selling ads spaces. When you learn this advertisement systems, you can developed and earn more money.

Yarlsoft Solutions provide a System that is called 'Cash for you'. This System tells make the ads spaces in your webs and sell it when sponsors pay cash for you. Here, you must know the following skills.

First, you must learn computer skills and completed the 18 years old. Second, you must kept one or more webs or blogs or forums that your own. Third, you must keep one or more community site memberships.

Actually, you have windows, ms-office, internet, email, domains, hosting, and html and graphics knowledge while you can develop the beautiful website or blog or forum. Additionally, you have writing poems, tales, and like more that help to you for good posting. Then you can share your posts through the community sites.

You have above qualification when you can collect more visitors. Your website or blog or forum has more visitors (250 to 1000 Visitors in day) that help to your online income. When you put our advertisement systems in your sites, more your site visitors clicked it that is increase your income.

Now, your website or blog or forum has 250 to 1000 Visitors in day while you can apply YS-Online Advertising Solutions systems. Later, you can introduce to your clients (or readers) "Would you mind interesting to post your paid ads to our site. Advertisement is a powerful tool that is feedback of your business. So, put your advertisement and get your benefits. Feel free to post one or more advertisement on this site. We will share your advertisement to worldwide." like.

First, you check up to our advertisement systems in this website where as right sidebar and bottom of this site. Click the following link and learn our ads spaces and rates (or monthly or yearly rent).
Ads Spaces N Rates

We have few ads spaces in this site. This is not a business site. But, we are taught advertising technology that the reason is this site format. Any way you can learn more standard internet ads sizes when you click the following links.
Standard Web Banner-1
Standard Web Banner-2

Our ads rate are not mention any standard formula that is formality rate for explain our advertisement systems. Someone getting money for their web ads that their web addresses are bellow. Like, you can decide your ads space rate.

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